April 27, 2015

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What Happens At A Sexual Health Clinic?

Sexual health tests are recommended for anyone who engages in sexual relationships, but where can you go to be tested and what happens when you go to a sexual health clinic? Visiting a London sexual health clinic Often, sexually transmitted infections do not cause symptoms and this is why it’s very important to have regular STI tests. It’s also advisable to get tested regularly because if you have an infection, which you’re not aware of, and you continue to engage in sexual contact or have … [Read More...]

Three Ways To Treat A Missing Tooth

Teeth can be lost at any age and although it can be distressing to lose a tooth or a number of teeth, there are some amazing replacement treatments out there. Dentists at Harley Street Dental Studio highly recommend replacing missing teeth because gaps in the smile increase the risk of oral health problems and may cause neighbouring teeth to start moving out of position; there are also obvious aesthetic implications of losing a tooth. If you’ve lost a tooth or you have a number of missing … [Read More...]

Five Effects Our Love Of Baking Has Done To The UK’s Health

Thanks to shows such as the Great British Bake Off, Saturday Kitchen and Masterchef, more and more of us are getting into cooking and baking at home. While this has contributed to some positive health effects, as home-cooked meals are usually healthier than fast food, the popularity of baking does have its issues. Sadly, baking often involves using ingredients, which are delicious, but also very bad for your health; cakes and biscuits may taste amazing, but consuming them on a regular basis can … [Read More...]

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The Damaging Effects of Bulimia

Bulimia nervosa is a serious eating disorder, which is characterised by periods of binge eating and purging. People who have bulimia usually eat a lot in a short space of time and then make themselves sick. Bulimia is classed a mental health disorder and is commonly associated with poor self-esteem and body image, anxiety and depression. In severe cases, bulimia can be fatal and it is important that cases are handled very carefully. About bulimia Bulimia is a disorder, which causes people to … [Read More...]

5 Top Reasons for Dental Negligence Claims

There are a variety of ways that things can go wrong in the dentist’s office, resulting in both dental negligence and in extreme discomfort for the patient; from issues due to extractions to trouble with implants and a variety of other factors, cases of dental negligence are becoming far more common. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 dental negligence issues: Extractions  Issues with extractions can be extremely serious, ranging from infection serious enough to cause death to … [Read More...]